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Not The Scary HR Lady Consulting Services

Services: Services

Evaluate or Create HR Programs

Need an HR program evaluated/revamped or created from scratch? Contact me!

I evaluate existing HR programs and provide a plan for improvements or updates.  Short on time or no one to manage the project? Lets discuss how I can help you execute.

Ideas include, but are not limited to:
• Recruitment (candidate experience, employment branding, internships, develop local university relationships, onboarding experience)
• Internal HR specific and organizational redesigns (performance management) (SM/M sized businesses: KPIs, organizational design models, succession planning)
• Retention (employee experiences, retention and reward efforts, culture, flexibility, hybrid work, 4 day workweek models, wellbeing, benefits)
• Overall HR strategizing

Packages starting at $1,000

Business Meeting

1:1 Meetings

Do you want to free up your leadership team's time or have someone able to solely focus on certain HR conversations and follow-up for your employees?  Contact me to see how I can help.

A 1:1 meeting is a check in meeting, and the following topics can be discussed:
• give and receive feedback about a certain topic (department process, culture, etc.)

• management evaluation
• resolve issues
• career pathing
• career development
• job skill development
• support needed
• check in's with new hires at 30 days
• company process improvement investigations or feedback
• 1:1 with a new team member to find out about them
• growth conversations
• mental health and wellness check in; work/life balance
• stay interviews
• manager effectiveness: successes and improvements
• organizational change discussion and feedback
• process improvements
• job improvements

and much more.



HR Surveys

Looking to get insight and feedback from your employees to improve an HR area?  A survey and deep dive into the results can do this.

Survey scope including, but not limited to:
 • Culture
 • Retention
 • Satisfaction
 • Experience
 • Engagement
 • New Hire (30, 60, or 90)
 • Exit

Options: Survey development, survey administration, action planning

Business Meeting

HR Audit

I've conducted multiple internal HR audits over the last decade.  They take precious time away from an already full day to day.  Contact me to see how I can help alleviate this burden.

Here are a few ideas:

• Create checklist for HR specific audit
• Non-profit only: Job analysis - do your job descriptions capture the actual duties being performed?
• HRIS records - Note: I will be happy to audit your HRIS employee record keeping system for missing records, per your request, provide the findings, and assist in requesting, collecting, and uploading the document to your HRIS system. This would, however, require access to your HRIS system. I do not conduct compliance audits.  If you genuinely have concerns about what will show up in a compliance audit, you should have legal counsel audit your files.

Packages starting at $2,000


Job Posting Process

I will post your open position to Indeed (or requested site that is already set up) and review the submitted applications/resumes.  Potential candidates will be shared with the hiring manager via e-mail.  Should the hiring manager be interested in a candidate, I will set up the first round interview schedule and confirm the date/time.  A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the hiring manager and candidate (I can set up a virtual interview through Indeed or simply confirm a date and time for in person).  Additionally, I will contact references for the final candidate only with company reference check questions.

Note: This is NOT a recruitment plan for the position nor is it headhunting. This IS for posting a position and sending qualified applicants who applied on the site to the hiring manager.
Clients must provide their completed job description and, should an Indeed company website login (or other job posting site) already be created, company log in and passcode needs to be provided to me so I can post under your company (this can be changed once the position is filled). If it is not, I'll be happy to create an Indeed company career site for an additional small fee that your company can use to post to social media or your company website.


~$350 for Indeed career page creation + job posting

Business Meeting

HR Forms or Checklists

Need an HR form or checklist created?  I can help with that.  
You will receive a polished and final version of the document you requested at the end of the deliverable period. Lets have a discussion about your needs and I will create the perfect functional form for you.

Forms/checklists include but are not limited to:
• Startup HR checklist• Exit/offboarding checklist per HR issue (involuntary, voluntary)
• Onboarding checklist
• Interview questions
• HR metrics report to c-suite
• Ongoing training activities
• COBRA admin checklist
• ADA requests/reasonable accommodations
• Performance review meetings at each level
• Investigation checklist
• Hiring process
• Job offers

Business Meeting

Executive Assistant Services

Are you a member of the C-suite who needs more time in their day to reflect and strategize? Contact me to see how I can help. We will converse about your needs and create a plan for success. Short term or long term!

Ideas of services, but not limited to:
• Non-HR document creation

• Goal setting and check ins
• Agenda doc creation
• Check e-mails, respond
• Unsubscribe to unwanted spam/promo e-mails
• Research
• Light Project Management (assigning tasks, monitoring progress, setting deadlines, setting up new projects in a program like Microsoft Planner/Tasks)
• Travel booking
• Monitor voicemails
• Create questionnaires or surveys
• 48 hour deadline reminders
 • Office supplies (with already curated list)
• Create notes or to do lists based on e-mails, pre-recorded meetings

HR Tasks
• Correct missed punches in HRIS system
• Help identify gaps or improve HR processes
• Assist in collecting new hire docs
• General HR clerical support


Business Meeting

High School or College Students - Interested in HR?

FREE CONSULTATION - Are you a high school or college student interested in HR? Do you have questions about the  field or the day-to-day? Are you looking for career advice such as what opportunities are there? I love talking about this, so please feel free to contact me with your questions and ask for guidance - it's free.


Leadership Coaching


Can't wait for these courses? Call for a consult.

  • HR for new managers

  • HR refresher (tailored to the manager)

  • What should a hiring process look like? From job descriptions to onboarding

  • Nurturing talent

  • Goal setting and tracking

  • Psychological safety

  • How to have difficult conversations and how to give effective feedback

  • Effective meetings (in person and virtually)

Business Meeting

Strategic Planning

Organizations are facing challenges in the workplace - economic weaknesses, technological advances, skill shortages, multi-generational workforces, forming more inclusive workforces, etc. Businesses must strategically plan for today and the future, otherwise you may be setting it up for failure. Contact me to help you evaluate where your business currently is (internally and externally) then we will set realistic and measurable, but flexible and attainable objectives and goals that align with the mission to help you get where you want to be. 
We will discuss the company's top three to five priorities, budget, resources, dreams, ideal timeline, and leadership capabilities. I'll take some time to learn about the inner workings of the company and culture, taking into account your marketplace position as well. I'll then develop an action plan based on the above, and we will work together to get employee buy-in.

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